Application of rare earth permanent magnet in DC motor without speed regulation
Author: yisainuo Time: 2021-08-30 08:58:44

Gain and application of electric energy is an important mark of human social progress, electric energy is a kind of energy form which modern society cannot leave away, whatever in any industry, electric energy can be applied inclusively. The most normal form of electric energy application is transform electric energy into machine energy, transformation mean is application of electric motor. Quality of electric motor transforming into machine energy is relate to whether electric energy can be utilized fully, and relate to driven device efficiency and operation status, hence people is continuing to develop and make electrical motor which is confirm requirement. Looking back to development of electric motor, people is striving and fighting for progress of electric motor from continuous current motor and A-C motor. People start to produce rare earth permanent magnet motor until NdFeB appeared and got support of advanced material, meanwhile, it moved improvement of relative industry products and make electromechanical integration reached update aspect,


Research institute of launch vehicle technology in China through research application to rare earth permanent magnet motor and control system, it has applied rare earth permanent magnet motor in rocket and missile successfully. It sticks to strategic orientation of “military quality decides institute and citizen quality makes institute emerging”, while Beijing Wanyuan Industrial Co., Ltd developing in entire stable development, it concerns more on embodying science and research, production merit, continuous discovery and develop new field, apply military mature hi-technology into citizen products industry field. The company will organize strong and powerful science and research team and invest massive labor and material, while developing rare earth permanent magnet wind power generator, rare earth permanent magnet traction motor for light rail and rare earth permanent magnet motor for petroleum exploitation to develop rare earth permanent magnet brushless DC speed regulating motor which produce large power.


Rare earth permanent magnet brushless DC speed regulating motor is outcome of combination of modern material science, electronic power science and control theory of electrical motor. Rare earth permanent magnet motor utilize rare earth permanent magnetic material to generate magnetic field to replace magnetic field which generated by current excitation of traditional electric motor, make rare earth permanent magnet motor has features of easy structure, reliable operation, small volume, light weight and high efficiency, appearance and size of electric motor is flexible and changeable, hence development of rare earth permanent magnet motor is rapid in recent years. Due to our tombarthite resources are rich, rapid development of rare earth permanent magnet in domestic make production quality of soil permanent magnetic material improved continuously, cost price decreased continuously and laid solid foundation for rare earth permanent magnet motor for manufacturing large pwoer, amke our developed rare earth permanent magnet motor has a degree of competitive merit in home and abroad markets.


we are the first elevator consumption in the world, with continuous development and improvement of our national economy, high performance elevator demand will expand further. But main machine of current rapid and high performance elevator relys on import. In order to develop ourtombarthite resources and expand rare earth permanent magnet in domestic application market.


Our company’s technology innovation center is striving for develop rare earth permanent magnet brushless DC speed regulating motor, applied in main machine of elevator series products, its shsytem performance is placed in the first place in the world, it save about 40% energy comparing with traditional system energy and ideal updating generational products of main machine production of domestic elevator. The prominent feature of system is: speed adjustment range is wide, which will reach above 1000:1 and higher than current advanced exchanging VVVF frequency conversion system performance. Start, operation and control of elevator is more stable, and can realize high accurate control. The electric machine has features of low speed of revolution and small vibration, high power factor, small volume and low requirement to supporting environment and obvious energy saving effect. Working noisy and vibration of the whole elevator system is small, operation is stable and confirm with body’s comfort requirement, due to intrinsic characteristic of magneto inductor, hence it has self-locking ability when power cut suddenly, which can make elevator operation be more safe and reliable. Hence low revolution speed and large torsion make structure main machine of elevator easy and tend to be protected. The product’s development will make our elevator industry enter into a brand-new historic phase.